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From finding a person to taking care of emergency patients to doing a resuscitation, we take you through every step of an emergency procedure.

We'll show you ways to secure the respiratory tract in a simple and effective manner, and to do efficient basic resuscitation.

We'll develop an emergency plan with you and complement the training with emergency case studies which may occur in your area of work.

On request, we'll instruct you how to use an AED / defibrillator.

We offer training courses in three different groups (levels).

Level I
Introduction to emergency care

Level II
Assistant medical personnel

Level III BLS Basic Module ; ALS Advanced Training Course
Doctors, emergency medical services and nursing staff

Level I-II-III
Clinics, rehab clinics, retirement homes

Refresher training courses
For all levels

All trainings are designed to accommodate the current guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) from December 2005.